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Tell-tale signs that could indicate an elderly person may be in need of assistance:


• Noticeable weight loss or burn marks on the skin or pots and pans could indicate difficulty cooking, eating, or shopping for food.


• Sloppy appearance or poor hygiene could indicate difficulty with bathing, grooming and getting dressed.


• Black and blue marks on the body could indicate they have fallen and are having trouble walking or moving from place to place.


• An unmaintained yard or interior of the home.


• Dents and scratches on an automobile can indicate impaired driving abilities.


• Carpet stains or urine odor in the house can be signs of incontinence.


• Unopened mail, unpaid bills, unfilled prescriptions, or low food supply may indicate difficulty completing regular tasks.


• Lack of drive and motivation.


• Failure to return phone calls. 



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